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MessageSujet: [OS] Always With You.   [OS] Always With You. Icon_minitimeVen 24 Aoû - 23:11

Thème : Host Club
Pairing : Tamaki x Haruhi

Voici une autre OS Tamharu, toujours en anglais. J'ai également écrite celle-ci durant mon trip HC. Elle est très courte et très nulle, mais bon!

"Come on, Haruhi, get out. It's more scarier if you're in there" said Tamaki to Haruhi, who was sitted in the wardrobe, the head between her knees. "Oh, I think I understand, now. You were raised to not rely on others, right? So come." Then she finnally jumped out in the arms of Tamaki.

"I will always be the for you, Haruhi. I'll try to always have a look on you, I will protect you anytime", he continued by tightening her against him. "You can count on me. I promise."

She moved away then she turned over, back to Tamaki. "Senpai", she said, "Why... Why are you always there for me? Why are always there to protect me?" she asked.

Tamaki looked at his feet, blushed. "Because, I...", he started. "Because... I'm your father." He sighed.

"But your not my father!" continued Haruhi while she turned face to Tamaki. Her eyes was wet. She came close to Tamaki.

"... Because I love you", he finally said.

And, at the most big surprise of Tamaki, Haruhi took him by his t-shirt and kissed him. Tears was rolling on her cheeks. Tamaki kissed her too, like he dreamed all this time.

"Senpai", she whispered, "idiot, why didn't you say it before?"
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[OS] Always With You.
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