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Thème : Host Club
Pairing : Tamaki x Haruhi

Donc voici une petite One-Shot en anglais que j'ai écris il y a un moment déjà. C'est vraiment pas grand chose, je suis pas super douée en anglais, il y a donc des fautes... Et c'est plutôt merdique... Mais bon. ^^'

"Good night, Tamaki-Senpai!" said Haruhi while she was going to sleep. "Good night too, Haruhi-chan!" answered Tamaki with a big smile.

All the Host Club was in Karuizawa, where Haruhi was secretly working for the summer. The boss of the place, who was a friend of her father, had finally enough of rooms for all the members.

Tamaki was going to bed, when he heard someone's whispering. That was the voice of Hikaru! What was he doing? With who was he talking if Kaoru was in the kitchen? "Does he talk to himself?" thought Tamaki. He stopped walking and listened to Hikaru.

"Oh god, it's so weird, whispered Hikaru. I feel so empty, right now... Why did I feel so strange when I was under the table, close to her? It was so nice... What was this feeling I felt, when she was there, by my side?"

Tamaki closed his eyes. No, that was just impossible! Hikaru couldn't have a crush on Haru-chan! First, Tamaki felt really bad, really sad to hear that, but he started to be angry, really angry.

"There's no way you will take MY Haruhi!" he shouted by opening the door. He took Hikaru by the shoulders and pushed him against the wall with all the strenght he has.

"Tamaki! What the hell are you-" started Hikaru, trying to push back Tamaki.

"You can't have a crush on her, you can't love my daughter! You can't! She's mine" continued Tamaki, the tears going up to his eyes.

Somebody was coming in the corridor. The two guys could hear his steps. It was Mitsukuni. He was searching for his bunny, then he entered in the room.

"Tama-Chan! he cried. Tama-Chan, leave him! Takashi! Takashi! Hurry, come help me!" he continued, trying to move away Tamaki. Mori finnally arrived in the room.

"She belongs to nobody!" shouted Hikaru.

Tamaki stoped moving and look Hikaru in his eyes. She belongs to nobody. "Fool" he wispered. Then he left the room and went to bed, trying to dissimulate his rage. He was scared about the idea of losing her.
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[OS] Losing Her.
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